My tribute to Carles M. Espinalt

Carles M. Espinalt (Montesquiu 1920-Barcelona 1993) was a great pedagogue who  counselled many different people, from polititians, business managers, university  teachers, to religious authorities and many other professionals who had the privilege of  receiving his advice. A few of them acknowledged his contribution in the book  Homenatge a Carles M. Espinalt (‘A tribute to Carles M. Espinalt’) and in the website of  Psychoaesthetics practitioners. Both of them were edited by his daughter Nati Muñoz  Espinalt.


I was fortunate enough to attend frequent sessions with him over a long period of time.  His wisdom, kindness, clarity of speech, Catalan identity and sense of democracy  helped me to capture a whole range of sensibilities that have been extremely useful to  me, in my current development of training activities and communication projects for the  leadership of the future