My personal vocation

My personal vocation and principal passion are oriented to the following:
  • The use of the psychoaesthetic methodology to help Catalans develop as an independent nation, aiming at achieving a better social outcome for everyone; with special attention to the role an independent Catalonia would have at a political, social and economic level within Europe.  
  • The improvement of personal, professional and collective image for fellow  citizens at all training levels
  • To improve cross-referencing and understanding between the science of  Pyschoaesthetics (created by Carles M. Espinalt) and the most predominant  humanistic sciences, with special focus on positioning the didactics of  Psychoaesthetics within the context of University and Business Administration  Schools. Development of new, more useful curricula, alongside training and  professional advice, so that students are able to apply new criteria which will  result in improved and renewed training for the new generation of Catalans.
  • To spread as much as possible the science of Pyschoaesthetics in the interest of a greater European regeneration.
  • To research and broaden our knowledge to create and master the website, so that it can hold all the contents and advantages of using the aesthetic knowledge that the science of Psycoaesthetics places at  our disposal.